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The Word on the Street...

"Words can't express how lucky I was to have found your Treadmill Trainer. I saw a video of yours on the internet and went to your website.

I started on volume 2 so i could begin with a good challenge, I will admit I made it through my first session but it was definitely not easy, but like you said Yuri, it's the outcome not the process. Now I can honestly say I have been using your Treadmill Trainer for a month now and the results are insane!!!!

My love handles are gone, I can actually see my abs because all the fat is gone off my body, and even my legs are toned and I feel AMAZING!!!! I still have a little more to go, but Ive never been in this good of shape before.

I have recommended your product to several people and even have my brother on treadmill trainer. It really is one of the best investments I have ever made. I lost all the body fat I aimed for, and not once at the gym have I lifted a single weight.

These programs can work for anyone because they're completely relative to the listener. Thanks for everything Yuri, Im definitely ready for the beach now. Thanks a million!"

Mitchell Leonard
Dallas, Texas


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treadmill workouts


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The World's Best Interval Training Treadmill Workouts to Run Faster

Interval Training iPod Running Workouts to Help You RUN FASTER, Farther, and Longer Than Ever With Just 2 Runs Per Week...Or Your Money Back!

Treadmill Trainer™ iPod Running Workouts

treadmill workouts, treadmill trainerJust press play and get ready to run faster, farther, and longer with just 2 runs per week!

Experience Yuri Elkaim's industry-leading Treadmill Trainer™ ipod running workouts and enjoy his audio coaching, motivation, pumping music, and interval running workouts.

No matter what your fitness level, you will become a better runner, burn fat, and get fitter than ever - guaranteed!

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5k Training

treadmill workoutGet the ultimate day-by-day 12-week training plan for your next 5k.

Whether it's your first 5k or you want to shatter a previous record, you will have everything you need with the Treadmill Trainer™ 5k Training Program.

Get the workouts, the structure, and the results.

Learn More


10k Training

treadmill workoutsWhether you're a beginner who can't run more than 5 minutes at a time, an advanced runner who wants to run a sub-35 minute 10k, or anywhere in between... you will get the tools and time-proven 12-week training schedule with the Treadmill Trainer™ 10k Training Program.

Get the day-by-day structure, running workouts, and proven plan to reach your 10k goals!

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Half Marathon Training

This is half-marathon training at its best!

Get started today with the Treadmill Trainer™ Half-Marathon Training Program and sit back and enjoy as run your fastest "half" ever.

Why settle for less when you can get the best. Experience the Treadmill Trainer™ difference today and blow away the competition, your own limitations, and your previous records!

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Nutrition for Runners

Proper nutrition can mean the difference between running your best and falling way behind the pack. Learn how to eat and drink to become the best runner you can be!

Learn More


Strength Training for Runners

Get the ultimate 12-week "running-specific" strength training program designed to help you prevent injuries while greatly enhancing your strength and running performance!

Learn More


Stretching for Runners

Learn why static stretching before your runs can cause serious injuries and hinder your running performance and discover exactly how to warm-up, cool down, and stretch after your runs.

Learn More


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How often should you run each week?

Glutes for runners - the key to preventing injuries.

What type of interval training is best to burn fat?

Running nutrition - post-run guidelines and recipes

The best treadmill workouts

Fast and injury-free.. secrets from the world's best runners!

When is the best time to do interval training?

Interval training workouts for fat loss

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Just a Few Amazing Treadmill Trainer Success Stories

"I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with my treadmill for many years. I didn't use it consistently because I found it boring, even when I used the programs on the treadmill.  If I wanted to really push myself then I found it too hard to do and I gave up.  Same old story time and time again.  I have been using Treadmill Trainer Volume 1 for three weeks now and I absolutely love it!  My legs are stronger than ever and I have noticeably more energy during the day (I can run up the stairs now rather than trudge, for instance.)  It's challenging but the walks in between the runs make it easy to manage.

My weight had been gradually creeping up, which was what prompted me to try the Treadmill Trainer workouts in the first place.  I'm now down a few pounds and I know that I can continue to lose consistently as I continue with the Treadmill Trainer programs.  As Yuri says, "the only way you can fail is to quit."

I love the way Yuri takes me through the workout with genuine enthusiasm. The workout is for beginner (or returning) runners, yet when I finish the last interval, which is a 4-minute jog, he congratulates me as if I just ran a marathon.  And I believe that he really is that proud.  He encourages me through the challenging parts and I keep going, which is hardly the norm for me.

Finally, that last jog at the end I mentioned earlier?  The 4 minutes?  When I first started I just barely finished that part and I dreaded it.  When I slowed my pace down to a walk afterwards I really worked at catching my breath and I was dripping with sweat.  When I did the workout yesterday I was really happy to notice that I pulled it off easily.  So easily, in fact, that I probably have only 2 or 3 times left in me before I'll have to graduate to Volume 2.  That's fast progress and I am very proud of myself.  Can't wait for Volume 2!"

- Shannon C.


"I was one of those people that thought they could never be a runner. After just a couple of weeks on program I feel stronger and much more confident and most importantly the program motivates me so I am sticking with it. I am even eating better as unhealthy foods are not appealing after a successful treadmill workout. Treadmill trainer works. Thank you Yuri!"

- Rose Avallone

"I am a 53 year old male and first time runner. I am in week 4 of Treadmill Trainer 1 and have lost 10lbs and feel great. Yuri has become my “running bud”. I have now set my goal to run in a 5K this spring and using Yuri’s 5K beginner program I know I can make it. My wife has now also joined in this quest. So hopefully we will finish our first race together."

- Howard Latham
St. Paul, MN


"Hey Yuri, I really enjoy running on my own, however the reason I purchased Treadmill Trainer was to give me the extra push I could not give myself.  I still complete relaxing, enjoyable runs on my own from time to time but treadmill trainer gives me the ambition to make it all the way through a workout.  It has really helped to push me from a long-low intensity runner into a faster interval runner.  I have recently purchased the hill workout and am looking forward to push my body in a new direction.
I also find your daily e-mails motivating and interesting! Thanks a bunch!"
- Janelle Kutz


"In just three weeks I am laughing at how easy my workout is and have ordered treadmill trainer volume 2.  I have seen a change in my body - legs and butt are firmer and back fat seems to be melting away.  And,  more important, I have lots of energy and a better sense of wellness.  Thanks for being my running buddy."

- Karen Gress

"Yuri, I have been using Hill Runner 2 and I have seen great results! I am training for the United States Marine Corps and have been using hill runner 2 inconjunction with Treadmill Trainer 5. With those 2 programs teamed up, I feel like I fly when I run! Thanks for everything Yuri. Looking forward to seeing more youtube videos."

- Jordan Tuttle


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